Oral Cancer Initiative’s mission is to heighten awareness of the danger of oral cancer and save lives through screening events.

Our model is to act boldly and think big by offering large-scale free screening events to communities around the country through school districts, large corporations, and other organizations committed to the health of their communities.

The leadership of our distinguished Dental Advisory Board gives OCI the ability to disseminate the most up-to-date information about the fight against oral cancer.


Oral Cancer Initiative is providing a boots-on-the-ground national program designed to encourage dentists to conduct oral cancer screenings and educate the public about the risks. OCI’s three most important goals are:

  • Increase the percentage of oral cancer examinations conducted by dentists and other medical professionals
  • Educate and encourage the public to ask their dentist for oral cancer screenings, and to do self-exams in-between visits
  • Decrease the incidence of oral cancer through the combined efforts of our Dental Advisory Board, the Professional Dental Community, Nation-wide School Districts, and Fortune 500 Companies


Oral Cancer Initiative is supporting the fight against oral cancer by funding research toward its total eradication.

We will reach our goals through:

  • Offering free screenings to 100 school districts nationwide through 2021
  • Offering free screenings to corporations and organizations around the country, starting with McDonald’s and JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  • Educating and informing the public to make sure they see their dentists regularly and ask for oral cancer screenings during every regular checkup
  • Increasing the percentage of dentists and other medical professionals that offer oral cancer screenings as part of their standard practice
  • Growing awareness of oral cancer and its risks by reaching millions of people around the United States through the OCI website, OCI social media platforms, and future promotions